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Gallery Intern

(Academic Year)

OBJECTIVES: The Gallery Intern will have a highly interactive, hands-on experience as they become familiar with the overall organizational structure of the Arthur Ross Gallery and its role as an art institution within the University of Pennsylvania. Interns will interact closely with ARG staff on substantive projects related to exhibitions as well as administrative operations. ARG Interns will learn to function within the general structure of the office, and also develop skills related to their specific area of interest. The ARG intern will learn many aspects of managing an ambitious exhibition including: condition reporting, budgeting, exhibition design, loan agreements, adjunct programming, marketing, community outreach etc. Other projects include but are not limited to:

  • Reece Berman '21, Digital Media Intern

Public Relations: Researching ways to reach new audiences as well as maintaining a listserv for the Gallery. The intern will also create a database of relevant news organizations, schools, and periodicals, which he/she will contact for exhibitions.

Publications: Assist with choosing and assembling images and captions for Arthur Ross Gallery publications.

Office Operations: mailings, maintaining archival records, and other day-to-day tasks.

To Apply

Please contact Elizabeth McClafferty, Gallery Coordinator, with the subject line “ARG Gallery Intern Application”.