Landscape / Soundscape: Student Projects

Landscape / Soundscape: Student Projects

The Arthur Ross Gallery invites Penn students to submit photographs and sound recordings for Landscape / Soundscape: Student Projects, a web-based exhibition. The Gallery asks students to consider the theme of landscape in the broadest sense, from the natural world to the urban built environment. Projects should serve as an investigative analysis of landscape in one or more of its many meanings.

Each project should consist of three related components:

  1. a single photographic image created by the student
  2. a recorded soundscape created by the student(s)
  3. an artist’s statement

Aside from these parameters, and the overall theme of landscape, the territory for projects is wide open. There is no limitation regarding the sequence in which the image and sound are produced. Images and sound recordings may come from a single geographic location, or divergent spaces. There should be a relationship between image and sound, but that need not necessarily be rooted in physical location.

Students may submit projects as individuals or partnerships. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible from all departments, and interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged.

The projects will be presented in the Arthur Ross Gallery on a touchscreen kiosk, in conjunction with the exhibition Landscape / Soundscape. The exhibition runs from January 14 – March 26, 2017. In addition to the gallery kiosk, Landscape / Soundscape: Student Projects will be presented as an online exhibition through the Gallery’s website. The exhibition is a collaboration between Penn’s Office of the Curator and the Arthur Ross Gallery.

Submission deadline: November 15, 2016

Submission guidelines:

Submissions will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary committee that will select projects for the exhibition. All students will be notified of their selection status by December 1st.

Questions about this project should be directed to Heather Moqtaderi at

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