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Welcome to the Shiva House – a virtual performance

March 26, 2021

12:00 PM

Welcome to the Shiva House is co-written by Logan Gabrielle Schulman and Benjamin Behrend (C’16).

Virtual performance and Q&A following

Welcome to the Shiva House – an interactive virtual performance. Join together as a community through tears, laughter, and good memories, as we explore what it means to grieve collectively.

Shiva (/shiv-UH/) is the seven-day Jewish mourning period following the burial of a loved one; this traditionally involves joining the bereaved in their home for recollection and comfort. This hybrid experience utilizes digital performance, a guided walking meditation, and a companion booklet to help you follow along. Welcome, as we memorialize and celebrate the larger-than-life Sam Bloom, on this, the seventh and final day of Shiva.