Sound Bath with Guadalupe Maravilla’s ‘Disease Thrower #16’

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 10.30am–12pm

10:30 AM Join us for a sound bath with Guadalupe Maravilla’s Disease Thrower #16, offered by the artist’s sound healer collaborator Michael Jay in conjunction with Songs for Ritual and Remembrance. Each sound bath lasts for approximately 60-90 minutes. While undergoing treatment for cancer, Guadalupe Maravilla was introduced to sound therapy, a healing practice that uses vibrations produced by gongs. According to the artist, this practice “cleanse[s] the water in our bodies, which can carry stress, impurities, and, in some cases, diseases.” Now a trained sound healer, Maravilla regularly holds therapeutic workshops for undocumented immigrants, cancer patients, and those in need. The gongs, played by the artist and his collaborators, are tuned to specific frequencies that resonate with the moon and other planets in our solar system and will create an immersive soundscape within the artist’s sculptural installation. Some yoga mats will be made available at the event, but please bring your own to the sound bath if you wish. This program is co-sponsored by the Stuart Weitzman School of Design and the Arthur Ross Gallery. Please note: While some people find sound to be healing, this is not true for all individuals. Please be advised that sound baths can be disorienting experiences. If you have sound sensitivity, you may experience unprocessed trauma, emotions, physical sensations. Please watch the video below and check-in with yourself about whether such an experience might be right for you.

Space is limited Please register here for the event

About Michael Jay Michael Jay is a tone scientist who has worked with several sound schools (Sage Academy, Open Center, and Soundbody). He does many collaborative soundbaths and has a private sound/bodywork practice. Look for MichaelJay108 on Instagram and Sound Vision Alchemy on Facebook. Since 2015, Michael has worked with Osteopath and fellow Tone Scientist Joseph Schmidlin in workshops teaching how to incorporate sound and bodywork into a healing practice. They recently formed a sound healing instrument and teaching platform called OneTone Sonic Alchemy, along with several sound meditation recordings under the name Sonic Universe Now aka S.U.N. on Spotify and Bandcamp. Michael also has a recording with world music virtuoso TomChess called Oceanic on bandcamp. At heart, Michael is an integrative health coach who is committed to using sound for its immense healing power. He sees sound as a doorway to meditation and deeper connection, offering us an opportunity to raise our existence to a higher level/octave so we can enjoy our time here and live in true unity on this planet. He feels our existence is a blessing and wishes for everyone to be able to find their connection with their inner power, with each other, and with the cosmic creator—helping each person realize the vast oceans of love that each of us really/truly are, and that infinite love is the only truth.