In Material · Fiber 2012

January 27 – March 25, 2012

1-lee.png In Material features four artists who bring imagination and innovation to the field of fiber art. Japanese-born artist Lucy Arai apprenticed in the practice of sashiko, a decorative stitching process which she re-invigorates and applies to handmade paper and mixed media. Sonya Clark uses thread, plastic combs, human hair, and other found objects to create wall hangings inspired by her African and American ancestry. Philadelphia-based Mi-Kyoung Lee has had her woven backdrops incorporated in theater productions around the globe. Cynthia Schira digitally connects art and language in her elaborately patterned Jacquard cloths, drawing inspiration from ciphers, musical notes, and geometric patterns. Read ENGL-111 student poems inspired by this exhibit.