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Student Spotlight: Caroline Miller

November 13, 2018

A Senior at Penn, Caroline is majoring in Visual Studies and minoring in Art History.  She hails from Arlington, VA. Caroline is the current Co-Chair of the Student Advisory Board of the Arthur Ross Gallery.  This past summer, she was as an editor and researcher for Dr. Ian Verstegen (Assistant Head of the Visual Studies Department at Penn), assisting with two of his books.  Prior to this, she interned in Fundraising and Outreach at the Opera del Santa Croce (Florence, Italy) and at Christie’s (New York).  Caroline hopes to eventually get a PhD and be a curator in Renaissance drawings. She cares deeply about getting people to interact with art. For this reason, most of her extracurriculars at Penn are focused on making art accessible and interesting to the Penn community.  On campus, Caroline is the Director of the SPEC Art Collective, a PennArts Leader, a member of the ICA’s Student Board, and a member of the Clio Society.  She is currently writing her Visual Studies thesis on Auguste Rodin’s experimental “Assemblage” process works and how they demonstrate his fascination with specifically fragmentary works of ancient art and with Michelangelo’s non-finito or unfinished works of art.