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A Year in Review

July 11, 2011

On the cusp of 4th of July weekend, it’s a gorgeous, uncharacteristically un-humid day here in West Philadelphia.  Summer has kicked into high gear, and the other night while stargazing on my back porch, I had a chance to muse about the exciting year in the gallery soon coming to a close.  ARG presented some fantastic exhibitions and programming last year, and just in case you missed anything—here are a few highlights: We opened the season with Naked: the University Collection Unveiled.  Naked was a sumptuous exhibition curated by Arthur Ross Gallery Director and University Curator Lynn Marsden-Atlass, featuring 42 pieces from Penn’s collection.  Naked programming included a transformative lecture titled “Body of Light” by photographer Becky Young; and a life drawing class offered in the Gallery where participants drew inspiration amongst all of the nakedness.  In November, Magnum photographer Stewart Franklin came from the U.K. for a lecture on his photographic work titled The Dogon: Work, Women and Water, in conjunction with Penn’s Year of Water.   Marching into the spring, Post-Mao Dreaming offered a glimpse into China’s artistic community immediately following Mao’s death.  Many thanks to our Bi-lingual tour guides, as well as Penn-Yo(Penn’s premiere Chinese a cappella group) and the Chinese Music Society who performed at the opening reception and Lunar New Year events in the Gallery. Throughout the year, we had an array of guest lectures and community events for all to enjoy-and free of charge to boot! Currently, Lauren Greenfield’s Girl Culture and Fashion Show, are on view.  The Gallery hosted a screening of Greenfield’s HBO documentary “Thin,” in April, and we also hosted the premiere of the 2011 Penn Monologues, a riveting evening of student work in the style of  The Vagina Monologues. We’ve had a slew of tour groups, classes, etc., and are so thankful to all of our guests, visitors, supporters and friends. If you think that’s busy, tune in next week for a sneak peek of what’s to come. I can’t wait to share!   Happy 4th!!